Additional Inscriptions, Cleaning & Renovations

Additional Inscriptions, Cleaning & Renovations

The vast majority of memorials can be cleaned and renovated to a very high standard.

If you require any work on your memorial please contact us and we will provide you with a free no obligation quote.

Renovation of your memorial is undertaken at our workshop and may include cleaning and re-dowelling. We will then re-fix the memorial back in the cemetery to meet with all the Health and safety and NAMM standards. A new foundation and ground anchor is fitted where necessary.

Any additional lettering required will match your existing inscription regardless of the original method. Memorials with lettering in a very poor condition can be re-faced and re-cut. All methods of lettering can be produced including cut and gild, cut and lead, cut and enamel and raised lead.

Please be aware, however, that in some very rare cases renovation may not be possible due to the very poor condition of the material.