Photo Plaques

Photo Plaques

Monument portraits serve as touching reminders of the life that was lost to all who visit the graveside of the loved one.

They can be added to either marble, granite or bronze grave markers of any shape or size.

Monument portraits have been used on headstones for many years. The process of creating them involves scanning a photograph of the departed onto a computer so that the image can be digitally manipulated.

With a digital image, we can quickly touch up any unwanted blemishes on the image and adjust the colouring of the photograph.

They can also crop images or blow them up to a larger size (although some slight degradation of the image may occur if the image is enlarged).

Some can even add digital effects such as turning a colour photo into a black and white one. Monument portraits are fired at very high temperatures during the printing process (over 900 degress celcius), they are able to endure the extremes of both weather and the environment.

The firing process ensures that the colours will not fade and the finish will not deteriorate.